Military Ladies

Women make about 20 % of military in the USA. Other countries have similar statistics. I think that women in military uniform look especially beautiful! Don’t you think so?


militaryladies01 Military Ladies


militaryladies02 Military Ladies


militaryladies03 Military Ladies


militaryladies04 Military Ladies


militaryladies05 Military Ladies


militaryladies06 Military Ladies


militaryladies07 Military Ladies


militaryladies08 Military Ladies

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  • barrymossel

    That’s not Holland, that’s IN Holland. That’s quite a difference!

  • JJ

    The brasilian girl is just a famous model in Brazil, not a soldier. She`s called Ana Hickmann

  • hey

    the Brazil one is not a military girl, she is a model called Ana Hickman and has never been on army forces. still pretty trough.

  • forfs

    That’s not New Zealand – They are wearing Australian camoflage and have an Australian flag on their shoulder!

  • Des

    Also the Turkey one is actually a police riot squad.

  • Sprmcandy

    I am in love, where can I sign up?

  • lessthanawesome

    the holland girl is canadian, shes wearing cadpat

  • iamsheep

    A couple of the Chinese ones are in the military…one is wearing police uniform and the other is a famous Taiwanese actress called Lin Zhi Ling (she was in the John Woo film “Red Cliff”)

  • noshino

    I love vietnam right now

  • KarmaTiger

    as others have mentioned, the “Holland” pic is of Canadian troops. The uniforms are CADPAT and the blue berets are Canadian Air Command (airforce) issue. The girl shown is a Canadian airforce logistics member.

    In the background, bent over on the right you can see a Land Force Command (army) member bent over someone else, and on the left there’s a redheaded female Marine Command (navy) member seated. She could also be Land Force armoured (army – tanks) as they both wear black berets, and it’s hard to make out her hat badge, but since her hair is actually hanging below her collar Navy would be my guess. Armoured would have their hair up.

  • adam

    As others have mentioned, the Holland pic is indeed of a Canadian soldier.

    She is with EME – electrical mechanical engineers.

    • D’Arcy Mann

      EME/GEM is the horse on a chain standing atop a globe with a lightning bolt in the background. She’s air force (blue beret) logistics (LOG).

  • Goran

    The Serbia/Kosovo picture should be named only Serbia, its Serbia amblem on military hat !
    So you have two pictures od Serbian beautiful women in army.

  • Romanian

    They are beautiful, but men think, if they receive orders to fire on you, they will.

  • rame89

    The finnish girl is from navy or coust-unit. I belive that she is from Finland´s swedish speaking unit in Dragsvik Nylands Brigad

  • TKM

    First one is totally from Finnland. ‘couse I have that same cap. Navy or coastal defence force.

  • website hosting in chennai

    we know always rockin the girls in military,she’s is very intelligent in our military depertmant,

  • nurman

    beautiful and sexy but firm and mighty

  • Philius Neipenheimer

    The Chinese one is just a regular local police woman.

  • Yali Wen

    the one from China is not military, she’s a cop.

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