Previously, drug lords owned them, as a symbol of social status and power. Then they’ve been confiscated during a police raid and placed in a zoo. Now the trio lives in a convenient environment, built specifically for them: a bear, a lion and a tiger, all three together.

unusualtrio01 Unusual trio

The unusual trio, the bear Baloo, the Lion Leo the tiger Sher Khan. They are showing unusually strong friendship.

unusualtrio02 Unusual trio

Rescued eight years ago during a police raid in Atlanta, Georgia, the three friends were still young at the time – they were little more than two months.

unusualtrio03 Unusual trio

They lived with the drug lords as a symbol of power.

unusualtrio04 Unusual trio

The owner of the zoo “Noah’s Ark” Charles Hedzhkos likes to spend time with them.

unusualtrio05 Unusual trio

Lived with the founders of the zoo for eight years, Sher Khan, Baloo, and Leo are now situated in specially built enclosure.

unusualtrio06 Unusual trio

Leo loves when he is scratched on the tummy, that spoiled big cat!

unusualtrio07 Unusual trio

The three top predators with the ability to kill very quick. Relaxed in each other’s company, amazing!

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  • Wranglon

    They are also tragically amazingly fat.

  • elle88

    Maybe the three grew up together since they were babies.

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