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  • Nick

    I just want to be here to let you know that right now I remember being told by people in my small town that being “hot” or “strong-muscled” is important by how people acted. I know being a mature adult now that I am in a world of utter good and evil. Jesus my god lets me know this and so that I do act on it and be move LOVING like Him and this of course is so intensely hot now counter-culture, but yet I find it to be true so since I do this cannot be just another opinion and be forgotten about. Am I right here? Why am I not for the people who show off? I love them first of all for who they ARE and at the same time in fact, hate with they are doing. I know full well that there are personal stories attached to these people and the people on this site and everywhere were in fact, created by God. Ok, does that sound maybe crazy to you and your friends and their parents and your town and county and so on? Ok. Jesus and His Bible have come ALIVE********to me in my life and I would love for anyone if at anytime whatsoever to contact someone who knows and cares about the God printed about in the Bible. The Holy Bible alone is my source of truth and when others come along and make religions (which just are not Jesus-related or are biblically solidly based) and try to persuade others including my friends (!) then I am concerned. I hate evil and I know I act sometimes like I should do own thing when its clearly understood to me as evil. We all know ourselves, right? You know when something is true so you really want others to believe it too, right? Or was this only the case when you were growing up? Well, I see how rarely anyone outside of my town or on TV talk about God or heaven or hell or our real enemy, the devil. The Devil is here on earth and I have seen the Bible true as for anything that it says so while I sound like junk (perhaps to you) these explainations are not the whole story. This verse in the Bible backs up the faith of the Jesus life instead of always pointing to proof of God. John 3:16. Okay? For God so loved the world (everyone including us) that He sent to Earth His only begotten Son so that whosoever* trusts God will not perish but gain everlasting life. John 3:16. I was only eight when someone asked me close to me if I was ready to give my life to Jesus to be loved by Him like no other could love me (God is love-Scriptures say.) I John 4:8 and I John is a book found in any Holy Bible so I hereby encourage you all to read one. Know what always happens to me when I am the one who does not read the Bible daily? I am very prone to sin or do wrong. Yeah you may think that showing off is not wrong or lustful and my God who declares that He contains all wisdom says that it is in fact wrong to show off. That’s why when I want to swim I figure I should wear a early 1900s swimming suit or maybe* a shirt with trunks. God meant for the first two people to wear clothes after they chose to eat the apple from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Do you read this? Get it? Now as long as you are still curious or just read this, you may think that this is some fairy tale because it sounds so goofy. A snake tempted the woman Eve? Come on right? Well I know through faith that is true so God is the only Person that I base my life on. Could I give examples of lifestyles by pointing to famous people? Well I don’t have to and since I do not know you who are reading I will refuse. I want to respect you the best that I possibly can and I do not want you to buy the notion that preaching is limiting. I just read in my dear devotional that such preaching from the Bible is in fact what can help me be convicted by the Holy Spirit of wrong or arrogant thinking. Bad news? No because God lets me know where I am foolish and need to as an consequence change my thinking. I see God is based on fact and the ideas around me which contradict the Bible’s principles and rules are all selfish. Shall I elaborate here so that maybe you know what I mean here? No pity parties intended by me. Ok, if you say you dislike or hate the following happening to you, then you’ll agree that many things done today are sin or bad: being lied to, being made of fun of without your permission, your kids being bullied or you being bullied, someone exposing their body to you, being stolen from, being shot at*, being spied on while you are getting dressed*, being used in any way or being raped, yelled at, abused, molested, threatened or when the other is joking about the threat, silent treatment, being blamed for a crime that you never thought of, being *taught that it is okay to do wrong before others can do it to you, being brought up with loose morals when we all have a choice to do good things that we all feel good about doing, slandered, murdered (we only live once***), stabbed, acts of other impurity like even thinking of pornography because everyone else seems to do it, being cheated on*********, debauchery which I discovered is bad, having idols or things or people or ideas that you make more important than anything else including the God who “must” have made you so orderly, good looking and intelligent, etc. as spoken of in Genesis 2 in the Bible, a spell being cast on you, being hated, being a spot for racial slurs, discorded, being a target of jealousy, being outraged at, someone making you the object of their sexual lust whether you know it or figure it, being envied, being attacked when the other is drunk, knowing someone was in an orgy (eew, right?) and the like. There are many other bad things that I did not go over: someone throwing spit balls at you, taking your spot at lunch, gambling your money away when you can work for it and find joy in your work no matter what it is…………then there are those x-rated jobs out there. Im sure those who are in such jobs want t o be loved but may look for love by thinking that being sexual is
    is being in love. It feels wonderful they may say to do such things in the x rated industry. Well, I heard that I should pray for these people and there are sites to do this. How do you feel about this? Could it be honestly, possibly bad stuff? Then would it be fair for a loving God to make it His rule that people not do this to you–and since you are “another” when someone else refers to you that you not do anything like this or otherwise evil too? What about wisdom and even common sense? Do they not apply in any age? Do they matter to your family and you now? Maybe your family deserted you long ago. I know that my God of us would understand. Jesus was said to have been made fun of, spit at in the face, and made to carry a cross while being whipped with the cat of nine tails. I was told about that whip. I was glad to have been at church that night to take in how bad my Savior Jesus had to in order to cause me to love Him more by following His rules in the Bible. He only wants good for me and my pastor Pastor R. once said: My life verse in the Bible is Jeremiah 29:11: For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Now, you may wonder if catching unto this God is a such a good thing. I honestly will tell you right now that being a born again (true) Christian is the hardest thing but it is ever-rewarding and I also see warnings in the Bible that I really*********** need to beware of: Matthew 10:28 says: Do not fear man who can kill the body but fear God who can kill both the body and soul in hell and there is a film called M 10:28 which I saw. It helped me to take God more seriously so that I will not ever go to the place that is many-times warned about in the Bible: hell. God did not warn about it to annoy or scare us or any bad reasons like that. It is there as I know in my heart to be true to help me to consider the OTHER place that lasts forever too: heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can read about heaven in Revelation. Well, am I out of line for talking like this after someone put up what they think are the hottest women to gaze at? You have your idea and I know that God has me talk in many places for His good-He wants you to know HIm and how much that He loves and accepts you. He wants you to be in heaven as well. John 3:16 points to this, again. This revelation or revealing of Jesus to me in my life has given me real good things in this life: courage, love, joy peace, patience, tolerance like when someone yells at me. Do you think that I would put this here for good or bad? Well, maybe some of you do know me. I am just excited to go to the comments area to let you all know that there is a much better attitude that I can have than to want to look at women when I can pray for a woman if God has planned for me to date one. He wants us to date and not lust. Lusting is covered in the Bible in case you were questioning it. Yes and God has answers for all that He says that we need to know in life. I will not know it all but God keeps me joyful each day and He forgives me of my selfishness each day because I ask Him to. Maybe you think that this is not for you today because…Ok then and I am leaving this up to you to think for yourself too. I am not saying this does not matter to me or that it is hog wash. I am telling you what has helped me to get rid of my guilt and shame after doing wrong. I am glad to tell Jesus about it through faith that He listens and then Ifeel much better every time! Now, what do you think? Lastly, if one were to get an attractive hairstyle that is a-ok. If you love building your biceps, good. God just asks that we do not show off what we have. Where would you draw the line among the many material contents from Sears catalogs showing models maybe of underwear or skimpy shirts down to the porn-bare people? Well, thanks for reading up on what I have learned about God and flaunting. There can be one good exception: showing off your nice body to your heterosexual spouse. Anything that makes better that relationship is good! You do not have to listen to that-I am taking a chance to show you what my loving Jesus wants me to know.

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